Welcome to Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Center

Department & Specialities

24 Hrs Emergency Services

At our Sarvodaya Hospital,we committed to provide personal attention and excellent care in a timely manner.
As the greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention so we believe in the same and provide you the proper attention and strive to allay your mental tension and fear and provide you frequent progress reports.
Our emergency and trauma team consists of specialists from Traumatology, Neurology,
Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Gastroentrology, Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology.

Our team is fully geared to perform emergency operation.
For Attending to any emergency, at any time please call:

Ambulance Direct Number: +91 9811085835

Speciality Services

The Hospital offers the followin Speciality Services

  • 150 comfortable beds for admitted patients.
  • ROUND 'O 'clock emergency services.
  • Digital X-Ray, E.C.G, Ultrasound, Ambulance, Medical store, Canteen.
  • 24 Hours computerised Pathology Laboratory with Blood Gas Analysis,Hormones,Heart Profile, Kidney Profile,Biopsy,FNAC for early Cancer Diagnosis.
  • 3 Well Equipped Operation Theatres for Micro surgery,Plastic surgery,Neuro Surgery,Urology, n General Surgery.
  • Intensive Trauma and Life Support.
  • Advanced internal fixation of fractures by'A-O Technique-Planting; Interlock Nailing; External Fixation ;ILIZAROV-Russian Technique; Polio; Image Intensifier.
  • Arthroscopic Surgeries for joint, knee and shoulder.
  • Total Knee and Hip joint Replacement.
  • Endoscopic treatment of prostate and stone.
  • Endoscopic treatment for gastro intestinal diseases.
  • Paediatric Nursery having at least latest Micro Processor Incubator and Servo controlled Radiant Heat Warmers with Halogen Phototherapy unit.
  • Coronary Care Unit with Bedside Monitoring and computerized central station.Equipped with Central Oxygen supply.
  • Intensive Care Unit with Centralized Oxygen and Suction system,Pulse Oxymeter,Ventilators, Bipaps
  • Echo-color Doppler for heart patients.
  • Ultrasound Stone Crusher for Uratirc and renal stone.
  • Laproscopic Surgery for Gall Bladder and Appendix.
  • Physioterapy/Acuperssure Unit.
  • Round the clock Dailysis Unit consisting of Five latest /dialysis machines.
  • Checkup facilities for heart patients by renowned cardiologist.
  • All Dental Facilities available including Extraction,Filling,Surgeries related to Dental problems etc.
  • Whole body C.T. Scan.
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Welcome to Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Center
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